It's a pleasure to meet you!!
I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2008 with a Bachelors in Art Education, minoring in Art History. My education gave me mastery in a variety of art media, such as acrylics, oils, fibers, metals, ceramics, & drawing media like charcoal, graphite, and ink, as well as a rich knowledge-base of time periods, styles, & aesthetics involved in art throughout time. I moved to Houston, TX where I worked at a daycare & taught dance to toddlers at day cares around the city. I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2010 where I substituted in 5 different school districts & taught Art History online for a community college. In 2012 I moved to Virginia Beach &, in 3 years, I taught art to k-12th grade students at 4 different schools, while also working for an after-school/summer camp. In 2015 I returned to Pennsylvania, still teaching Art History online, I began teaching k-8th grade art in one of Pittsburgh's public schools. My work experience has taught me patience, flexibility, managerial skills, organization, & time-management, as well as how to communicate & collaborate with all ages & walks-of-life. I also began working towards my Digital Design Diploma at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (graduated December 2016). I have been working with Adobe CS6 (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, & Dreamweaver), as well as Notepad, Brackets, & Wordpress to develop & refine skills in web design, corporate identity/branding, publication, packaging, & digital illustration. Over the years I have fulfilled various art commissions to raise money for animal shelters & art galleries, decorate a waiting room of a doctors' office with local historical sites, & many for the homes of family, friends, & art-lovers.
Professional stuff aside...
I love attending live music & can twirl around with the best of them. My days are full of music, although I can't sing a tune or carry a beat if my life depended on it. :-P I'm a total empath, but that doesn't stop me from torturing my pets with my bad singing & dancing! I have a German Shepherd, 3 cats, & 2 turtles that act as an amazing family, but pretty bad roommates. ;-) I frequently read & do Yoga. I take my dog for a walk almost every day & try to get to any sort of non-city-ish park as often as possible, as nature is where my soul is happiest. I enjoy things I'm terrible at, like disk golf, video games, snowboarding,...the list goes on & on! I take great pleasure in the small things in life & take tons of pictures everywhere I go. I have a close circle of life-long friends & an amazingly supportive, slightly crazy family. I just love life, laughter, happiness, & beauty.
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